My Intersex Story, Poems

Poem: Imagine my world

Imagine my world:


Not one movie, show, book, article, comic, etc. include

intersex people without educating or sensationalizing.


Imagine my world:


I have to educate calmly.

I can’t show anger.

Even though I was violated

and have few human rights.


Imagine my world:


To fit in I have ALWAYS felt like

I have to perform for you

and pretend to belong.


Imagine my world your world:


My husband and kids can.

I can exist in my body now.

I am more than spirit.


Is this my world too?


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

March 14, 2019


My TEDx Video and Podcast:

My TEDx: “Born Intersex: We are Human!”

What It’s Like: A WJCT Podcast with Anunnaki and his husband James

About my name:

Why did I name myself Anunnaki Ray?

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