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Veterans Day: No one gets left behind or forgotten.

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We care! 

Transgender/Intersex Civil Rights Community



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Poem: I am a Boxphobe!

This poem was inspired after an amazing conversation with Judi Herring, M.D., the creator of the TEDx Talk: Gender Bound, Lessons From the World Between.



Yup, I am a Boxphobe!

PINK can be for boys!


BLUE can be for girls!




Yup, I am a Boxphobe!

Do not call intersex a disorder.

Intersex is naturally occurring


we simply have

natural bodily variations.

Yup, I am a Boxphobe! 

I don’t like the word woman

Because some of us are womb men.

And some of us have an amazing female penis,

and want to keep it!


Yup, I am a Boxphobe! 

I don’t like the word man

Because some of us have a mangina,

Yup, that amazing man’s vagina!

Some men even have breasts,

and want to keep their man boobs


Yup, I am a Boxphobe!  

I don’t like the word transgender

If we are all born this way

there is no transition.

We simply reclaim and emancipate our

OWN self-determined gender.

Society does not dictate our

hormones or the surgeries.

That is up to us not society.

End Cultural Dysphoria please!


Yup, I am a Boxphobe! 

I don’t like the word autism

or mental illness either

If we all had neuro-typical minds

What a boring world it would be!


Yup, I am a Boxphobe! 

Why cramming us all into just  two boxes,

male and female when we are born?

Why cramming us  all into a diagnosis?



So that they can justify mutilating our genitals.

So that they can justify taking away our fertility.

So that they can justify damaging our bodies and brains with poison.

So that they can justify aborting us

before we even take our first breath.




We are simply a  


We are all NATURALLY Occurring! 

Yup, I am a Boxphobe!


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray 

February 8th, 2017 



Note: The term “Mangina” came from Buck Angel.  Also, phrases, “The Female Penis”  “reclaiming one’s gender” , Cultural Dysphoria ,  and the “emancipation of one’s true gender”, are things I have been saying to try to teach this world.  I also like “Variety of Human”, and the United Nations likes “Natural Bodily Variations”.

Thank you for helping me change culture, and save lives! 





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When the Colors of this Rainbow Fight

I am a Gender/Intersex Activist.

I entered this world to help you change things.

and yet I am excluded, talked badly about, and hurt by your lies.

When the Colors of this Rainbow fight,

it hurts this world, not just me.


I am a Gender/Intersex Activist.

I was hurt by this world like you were, but in a different way.

This world shit on us both.

Both of us made to feel broken,

because like you, they tried to fix me.

When the Colors of this Rainbow fight,

it hurts this world, not just me.

Please Stop!


I am a Gender/Intersex Activist.

I want the corrective surgeries on intersex babies to stop,

just like you do.

So why would you step on me?

Why would you stand in my way?

Why would you say lies about me?

Why would your heart be filled with so much hate,

and you try to publicly hurt me?


When the Colors of this Rainbow fight,

it hurts this world not just me.


I come in PEACE.

I come in HOPE.

I come with LOVE.

I am making an impact.

I educate this world about our Human Rights.

I am changing this world.

Not just for me,  for all of us.

For the babies.


So please end your phobias, your fear,

and learn to walk together.

Stand on this Bridge with me.

I truly hope your heart will heal.

So we can help these babies together.


When the Colors of this Rainbow fight,

it hurts this world not just me.

Please Stop.

We are Human.

By Mx. Anunnaki Ray

July, 17th 2016


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The Creation of My Seahorse, and what he means to me.

I'm A SEAHORSE Dad  Message with Initials on Seahorse

Here is my Seahorse Dude, that represents me.  I created him December, 30th, 2015.  It was my first time experimenting with digital art.  I published him for the first time March, 5th, 2016.  As you can read in more detail, in the “About Me” section of my website, I was born with many medical issues.  So let me tell you how he came to be by breaking him down into his five parts: The Seahorse, the Zebra, the Rainbow Zebra Unicorn, and the Pegasus.


As many of you know, the seahorse father is the one to give birth.  The male seahorses are equipped with a brood pouch on their ventral, or front-facing, side.  When mating, the female deposits her eggs into his pouch, and the male fertilizes them internally.  He carries the eggs in his pouch until they hatch, then releases fully formed, miniature seahorses into the water.  If you have never witnessed this, here is a good video:  Male seahorse giving birth at The Deep Hull.  Here is my blog: I am a SEAHORSE Dad.


The Zebra has been known in the medical community as a patient with a rare disease, or condition.  Here is what Wikipedia says about Zebra Medicine.  Many people, like me, who have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and/or Mitochondrial Dysfunction/Disease, as a community, often describe ourselves as “The Zebras”.  Many doctors have often been baffled at how to medically treat us.  We are often missed, or misdiagnosed, due to doctors generalizing all people as “horses”.  Needless to say, when you hear hoof beats, it sometimes can be a zebra, and a person of rare disease!  Here are some messages that were created by people in our mitochondrial disease community, to demonstrate:


To even have more fun with this Zebra theme, the mitochondria, sorta look like a zebra too!  As I mentioned in my introduction, I have mitochondrial dysfunction.  This was discovered through muscle biopsy.


Some of us, like me, felt we were even more different; due to intersex traits, hormone issues, or due to other unique, or complicated, medical issues.   So we have often described ourselves as the “RAINBOW ZEBRA UNICORN”, of the crowd!



Pegasus by Aomori on Deviant Art

To me the Pegasus represents my FREEDOM from gender norms. It represents my emancipation of my true self, and my true gender.   Being able to take flight, and fly away from the expectations of society.


The Rainbow, in my Seahorse,  also represents  LGBTQIA+ PRIDE.  Here is a fun blog that explains that about me:  Poem: Here is the joke about being me; LGBTQIA+.

As you can see, these five things, came together to create my special seahorse:

I'm a Seahorse  Dad Message with ~.V.~

If you see your artwork, and want credit, please e-mail me at:; and I will do so immediately.  Thank you!