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Poem: Human Diversity & Your Prejudice

This poem was made with the beautiful Pride SPACE Flags created by Laurie Raye and graciously shared to all to use.  If you need definitions please visit Helpful Definitions of Human Sexuality with Flags. Human Diversity & Your Prejudice   If you hate us LGBTQIA+ people this poem is for you: Human Diversity is Beautiful stop… Continue reading Poem: Human Diversity & Your Prejudice

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Why the “I” should come First: I LGBTQA+

We now know that intersex traits are very common in humans.  Some say that the occurrence of intersex traits is as high as 1 in 150.    Since this is the case, this an obvious scientific explanation to why we have so many different types of people walking around.  We have different sexual orientations, different… Continue reading Why the “I” should come First: I LGBTQA+