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Women’s March 2018

On this day of #WomensMarch2018 I would like to share #WeAreHuman: Transwomen and some Intersex Women are #RealWomen with amazing penises, or something in-between, and their penis is a female penis and deserves to be loved, honored, protected, and accepted by society. #XYWomen There are also amazing gestational father's, who are intersex or transgender, out… Continue reading Women’s March 2018


The Haters

The above picture, of this little girl, went viral.   This picture should go down in history. As a parent of three amazing kids, this picture touches me in ways that few might realize.  Because now I know how such hate touches the heart of an innocent child.  I have seen their tears personally.  No… Continue reading The Haters


Where is A Safe Place?

Written October 2015 I was born an intersex person.  I was declared female at birth.  I am now 10 months, and 2 weeks into reclaiming my true gender male.  Although I also identify as being a non-binary male.  I started my transition to my true gender at forty-six years old.  I remain with my dedicated… Continue reading Where is A Safe Place?