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Women’s March 2018


On this day of #WomensMarch2018 I would like to share #WeAreHuman:

Transwomen and some Intersex Women are #RealWomen with amazing penises, or something in-between, and their penis is a female penis and deserves to be loved, honored, protected, and accepted by society. #XYWomen

There are also amazing gestational father’s, who are intersex or transgender, out here in the world too. We too need to be protected and our human rights given to us too. #LoveNotHate #XXMen

Let’s all wear our pussy hats with #PRIDE Hurting people have to stop hurting people. #GenderNonconforming people included!

This hate of the #FemalePenis and the #MaleVaginahas to end.

Genital integrity is a human right and our #GenderIdentity has nothing to do with our chromosomes, genitals, reproductive organs or chromosomes. #BornPerfect #BornBoth#IntersexIsBeautiful #StopIGM

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