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Intersex born, Sally Gross’ message to us.

Sally's Message to us in this youtube: Note: In 2014, Sally died the same year I came out to the world. Sally holds a very, very, special place in my heart. RIP Sally, and thank you for your hope, encouragement, and love.  You can read more about Sally here:  SALLY GROSS REMEMBERED AS FEARLESS… Continue reading Intersex born, Sally Gross’ message to us.

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Women’s March 2018

On this day of #WomensMarch2018 I would like to share #WeAreHuman: Transwomen and some Intersex Women are #RealWomen with amazing penises, or something in-between, and their penis is a female penis and deserves to be loved, honored, protected, and accepted by society. #XYWomen There are also amazing gestational father's, who are intersex or transgender, out… Continue reading Women’s March 2018

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I will try to fix you

I have already achieved what most spiritualist want to achieve and that is realizing we are more than just our physical body. I already have lived celibate, impotent, and with a body so "broken" that I would vanish into the spirit realm.  I did this the first forty-six years of my life. During that time I… Continue reading I will try to fix you