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A Woman’s Penis & A Man’s Vagina

My own personal genital nonconformity, for me, brings a whole new meaning to being a gender nonconformist.  The way I see my vagina is a boy’s vagina if it belongs to me, and I am legally a man now.  If a beautiful woman happens to have a penis, it is her penis.  Calling her penis a “boy part” is outright rude to me and prejudice based on ignorance about human diversity.  It belongs to her, so it is a girl’s part.

There are Three ways to be a Gender Nonconformist:

  1. PHYSICAL BODIES: We are born with a physical body, that are either endosex (not intersex) or intersex that does not conform to what society claims typical for male or female.  This could be our genitals, hormones or reproductive system.  We can also choose to call it altersex, if we have had surgery to alter our bodies in some way.
  2. GENDER EXPRESSION:  We can be gender nonconformist in how we dress, act, sound, or appear to this world as woman, man, both or neither.
  3. GENDER IDENTITY:   We can be a gender nonconformist in how we define our gender identity as being woman, man, both our neither.  There are many ways a person can do this too.

Anunnaki’s Gender Etiquette 101

Gender Etiquette 101 Woman's Penis Man's Vagina


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