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My cancer scare: 46XX and born with a prostate!

I have had pain with urinating for several years now, problems emptying my bladder, and outright bladder cramping due to spasms. These problems were happening even when I lived as an intersex woman. Now appearing and living as a man, the pain recently became so bad I was finally driven, by sheer desperation, to answers.… Continue reading My cancer scare: 46XX and born with a prostate!

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Poem: Was it my penis?

The void of emptiness. A hole in my heart.   Was it your assumptions, your embarrassment, your shame? Why won't you call me a friend now? Was it my beard, my penis, my appearing a gay man now? You said I had lied to you when I appeared a woman. Why did my becoming an… Continue reading Poem: Was it my penis?

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Am I Transgender? Can an intersex person be transgender?

Before I answer, below,  if I am transgender, or can an intersex person be transgender, let me educate about five things first.  Biological Sex,  Transgender, Gender Identity, Gender Expression and Secondary Sex Characteristics.  You can read more here too: LGBTQIA+ Definitions of Human Sexuality. Biological Sex: It is typically assigned, at birth, by the “authorities”, based… Continue reading Am I Transgender? Can an intersex person be transgender?

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Poem: I am not….. I am…..

I wrote this poem to help explain who I truly am and to invite clarity for the many who seem confused when they describe me incorrectly using words that stuff me into stereotypical boxes:   I am not the bearded woman But thank you For letting me know I am beautiful >< I am not… Continue reading Poem: I am not….. I am…..