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How I became pronoun fluid at four years old.

  Four years ago today I emancipated my true gender identity to nonconforming gay androgynous man.  As of December 19th, I am officially FOUR years old. Four years old, you say?  How can that be?   Well, in the transgender community we often count our birthday from the date we started our transition against our… Continue reading How I became pronoun fluid at four years old.

Cultural Dysphoria, My Intersex Story, TEDx Jacksonville

TEDx Video: Born Intersex: we are human! The Source Page for my TEDx Talk. ~.V.~

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Eugenics & Genocide: The Male & Female Binary Myth

My thoughts for the day:  The invention of sex being only typical male or typical female bodies happened in the late 1800s. At this point, the government and medical complex work together and from that point forward only two options would be given at our birth. Thus, hurting all intersex and gender variant people who… Continue reading Eugenics & Genocide: The Male & Female Binary Myth

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A Woman’s Penis & A Man’s Vagina

My own personal genital nonconformity, for me, brings a whole new meaning to being a gender nonconformist.  The way I see my vagina is a boy's vagina if it belongs to me, and I am legally a man now.  If a beautiful woman happens to have a penis, it is her penis.  Calling her penis… Continue reading A Woman’s Penis & A Man’s Vagina

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Poem: I AM A MAN

I see the pictures of the past "I AM A MAN!"  These pictures blast What is the difference? There isn't one No Civil Rights for me.... It has just begun.   By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez March 4, 2016 Dedicated to any man who might understand. Billy Porter updated his Facebook cover with this photo… Continue reading Poem: I AM A MAN