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Eugenics & Genocide: The Male & Female Binary Myth

My thoughts for the day: 

The invention of sex being only typical male or typical female bodies happened in the late 1800s. At this point, the government and medical complex work together and from that point forward only two options would be given at our birth. Thus, hurting all intersex and gender variant people who do not abide by such rules.
They would later erase us, calling us the myth, when they were creating the myth of the male and female only binary. Everything in-between would now be aborted, surgically “corrected”, made infertile, or diagnosed as a disorder or mental condition.  I would say this is a good argument for eugenics and genocide.
If the world population is 7.6 billion people, this would mean 129 MILLION intersex people are potentially being assigned wrong at birth. You add transgender and gender variant people to this, you are well above 135 million people being hurt by this gender binary ideal. Help us end Cultural Dysphoria. 
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