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Stop diagnosing those you don’t agree with.

My Thoughts for November: Transgender Awareness Month.

Please pause when some in the psychiatric and medical complex want to diagnose people who are different or act against cultural standards. Not all psychiatrist or medical doctors are harmful, and many are there to help people. However, there are still some psychiatrist and doctors, who still do harm to us marginalized people. It is undeniable.

A Long History of Bogus Diagnosis

Please, never forget, Gay was a “mental illness” at one time, and even runaway slaves were diagnosed with “draptomania.” It was just last year that transgender was dropped as a mental illness by the World Health Organization. The treatment for those diagnosed horrendous. For those misdiagnosed with psychiatric labels: Electric Shock Treatment, Lobotomy, Chemical Castration, Conversion Therapy, Toxic Medications, and horrendous “treatment prescribed” for the diagnosed runaway slaves. According to the World Health Organization gay was no longer considered a mental illness as of 1987. Transgender stopped being a mental illness in 2019! All us intersex people are still patiently waiting. To this day most all intersex bodily variations are still diagnosed with a disorder of sex development.

Most of my life I was branded and stigmatized as a mental illness or a disorder. I have now legally proven with the help of Colorado’s Governor, Florida Court, and the Catholic Board of Ethics of my Hospital, that my sex is Intersex, and that my being a gay man that is going against my birth assignment is no longer a mental illness. I survived what I know many did not survive. Even my own lesbian aunt suffered from electric shock treatment, and latter committed suicide to escape their torture. I am now free of the grips of psychiatry, since 2000, thanks to a good psychiatrist realizing the harms that had been brought to me. I will personally never trust that part of the medical complex again. I now have a word for what I survived, thanks to Sharon Preve’s book, Intersex Identity and the Contested Self. That harm brought to me I now call surviving “psychic mutilation.”

The Common Bigot

One of the first things a hater or bigot will attempt to do to me on social media is try to discredit me and take away my integrity, by convincing my followers I am mentally ill. I see this happening all the time to transgender people too. Some in the Psychiatric Complex have sadly taught them how to do great harm by outcasting human diversity with a diagnosis and even severely chastising people acting out against human rights violations as “mentally ill”. This happens to this day with intersex and LGBTQIA+ marginalized people everywhere. Some of us are tired of it. I personally won’t tolerate being treated like this no more, and am standing up against ever being given another bogus diagnosis! I created my restitution, I legally exist now with my birth certificate, and my same gender marriage to my husband is now legal in the United States.


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Bigotry as Mental Illness Or Just Another Norm By Emily Eakin

When Homosexuality Stopped Being a Mental Disorder Not until 1987 did homosexuality completely fall out of the DSM. By Neel Burton M.D.

Being Transgender Not a Mental Disorder, WHO Says | WebMD

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