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Poem: Institutionalized approved torture

Today I shared to the world on Facebook:

My great aunt suffered electric shock treatment and being locked up in psychiatric hospitals for being a lesbian. She would ultimately commit suicide to escape institutionalized torture.

I sometimes wonder if she was also intersex. I can’t get any straight answers. If she was intersex, that would make THREE of us, counting my cousin who died at 19, after surgically being turned into a girl. Who knows if they were a girl.

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 11.47.05 PM

Here is a poem, since it sometimes easier to express my feelings this way:


Institutionalized approved torture!

From the outside made to look like it is our ‘problems’ being fixed

by psychiatry and surgery.

Electric Shock Treatment!


Psychotropic poisons, blockers, and forced hormones!

Conversion Therapy to enforce our gender assignment!

Amputations to cut the gay off!

Vaginoplasties, because they are certain we will want to be penetrated by our husbands!

All assumptions!

Based on heteronormative ideals Intersexphobia and Homophobia!

Surgical mutilation


Psychic mutilation!

All leading to our suicide to

escape this hell on Earth.

One family,

all mine!


By Anunnaki Ray Marquez

July 30th, 2019

In memory of my Great Aunt Margreet and my cousin Paul, who they surgically turned into Paula their first years of life.

Both, with their lives, cut too short. Homophobic family denying and twisting their stories and hiding them in shame. God knows what their truth is now. Their voices were taken from them by institutionalized torture. I will be their voice!



The Prader Scale Some Intersex Bodily Variations


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