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When it is not safe to share our pronouns.

I often have conversations with people on Facebook, and the comments I share below are an accumulation of responses to this post: Please share a time when it is not safe to share your own or another person’s true pronouns.

Note: “True Pronouns” are what we have self-determined to reflect our authentic gender identity and may or may not agree with our birth assignment. I do not say “preferred pronouns” because if we did go against our birth assignment, our pronouns are a requirement, not a preference.

Times it is not safe to out our true pronouns:

  • It is not safe to share our true pronouns if we are not fully “out.”
  • Outing a person’s true pronouns when they are not present and without their permission.
  • If you live in a state or region, that allows an employer to fire you if you do not conform to your perceived or true pronouns.
  • When you are not out in the military and your integrity is at stake.
  • Depending on the doctor or doctor’s office it is not always safe. Especially if you have been accused of using “incorrect pronouns.”
  • It is not always safe to be out with fundalmentalist Christians, with our true pronouns.
  • When your life could be in danger if you are perceived as non-conforming, transgender, or LGBTQIA in some way.

If you want yours added to this list, please contact me:

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