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Poem: It’s 2021, will love prevail?

So many dead now and more are dying Very few did anything to stop it Greed and people in power and control Consuming our country with hate and greed Not caring that the poor, the old, and those marginalized would be hit worse As if they wanted us to die How can we deny that… Continue reading Poem: It’s 2021, will love prevail?

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IAD 2018 Poem: You will not Erase Me!

  You will not erase me. I received my human right to exist. The binary is a myth. My Intersex Awareness Day Haiku: By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez October 26th, 2018 'Erasure of an entire group': intersex people fear Trump anti-trans memo Their lives would be at odds with the scientifically erroneous definitions of sex… Continue reading IAD 2018 Poem: You will not Erase Me!