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Poem: Too filled with sorrow to cry anymore


Too filled with sorrow to even cry anymore


This world took away who I am.
It took away my purpose.
I told you I was a boy, but what would I know?  
You said I was too young to know.
This world took away who I am.
I lived broken.  
It upset this world, so they tried to fix me even more.
It did not work.  I became sicker and sicker.
I folded like a thirsty rose in the desert.
I learned I was lied to by this world.
I realized I could exist.
But, I would break your rules.
What I woke up to was that there are millions like me.
We walk among you.  
We are known as the “broken ones”.
The Sexual “Outcasts” and the “Deviants”.


Could it be, that  this world does not see our angel wings?


I fall to my knees, hoping that I can change this world.
To stop the genocide of it all.
The hidden will not hide now.


Too filled with sorrow to even cry anymore.
But to now know
That in this world,
I now finally have a purpose.
By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez 



Photography by: Karmathartic Studios

2 thoughts on “Poem: Too filled with sorrow to cry anymore”

    1. Gender Dysphoria is typically described as the condition of feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one’s biological sex. Meaning that typical genitals supposedly create our gender assignment, when some of us born transgender or with some intersex conditions know this is not true. Gender is a social construct. Although, some transgender or intersex people truly can have dysphoria. It matters from person to person if they suffer from this affliction. A person not believing in the male/female binary, in which they believe that their genitals does not create their gender, might not ever have gender dysphoria.


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