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My Gratitude​ for Thanksgiving 2018

From a Life Event on Facebook: I survived when I truly believe that few do. Being brave, and sharing a memory from November 2014. I was having an adrenal crisis with a urinary tract infection. I suffered from disabling autonomic dysfunction back then, among other things related to mitochondrial disorder and related problems due to… Continue reading My Gratitude​ for Thanksgiving 2018

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IAD 2018 Poem: You will not Erase Me!

  You will not erase me. I received my human right to exist. The binary is a myth. My Intersex Awareness Day Haiku: By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez October 26th, 2018 'Erasure of an entire group': intersex people fear Trump anti-trans memo Their lives would be at odds with the scientifically erroneous definitions of sex… Continue reading IAD 2018 Poem: You will not Erase Me!