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As an emerging intersex activist, I have sadly witnessed a divide among the intersex community. I do not have to give details or specific incidences. My only suggestion, is let’s try to work as a team, let’s try to be accountable for our actions, let’s try to make amends, and accept amends.  I do NOT want to pick sides.  I am an emerging Gender/INTERSEX Activist.

I have sadly witnessed a divide among the Intersex community, and the LGBT+ community too. I do not have to give details to specific incidences. My suggestion, is that we join forces. A larger platform and a larger voice, get voices heard, and it is finally happening! So many are seeing that the “I” is not invisible no more. LGBTQIA+.

By doing my best to listen with care….

I try to maintain a diplomatic approach when talking to multiple personalities.

I am building a bridge.

I am trying to connect the world’s intersex communities together.

I am building a bridge.

I am trying to connect the other sexual minorities, to the intersex people of this world, and I am succeeding.

I am building a bridge.

I am trying to connect with government officials, and those who need to educate about us.

I am building a bridge.

By being honest, and my authentic self, it is my hope that people will see for themselves my true intentions, and help me to give voice to those who have no voice.

This is not a popularity contest to me.  Each and every intersex activist is a blessing to this world and if you have friended me, and shared your wisdom with me, THANK YOU!

So far, I have not made money doing any of my activist work.  If I ever do make money, it will go back into this effort to end these tragedies.   Anything I have done so far has cost my family money.

For me, this is about saving lives. Ending the torture, the surgeries, the wrong assignment of gender. Ending the prejudice, fear and hate, by educating.

To those of you who already stand on this bridge, how amazing this is becoming! The POWER of becoming ONE WHOLE PEOPLE.


The one thing that is truly clear, on this Bridge, is that everyone is


Be it if we have been born Intersex, Male, female, LGB or T, our color, age, or religion…..the list of human variety goes on A to Z!


So at the end of the day I can conclude that….. WOW, everyone is the same, just different in ways that should not matter so much.

…. So, help me build this bridge.

WE ARE HUMAN with Feather


I have many pages on this website, please visit them. If you want your organization, group, website, book, article, flag, or anything else included here that you feel would be helpful in building this bridge, please contact me:

Here are the pages I welcome you to contribute to if I have missed something.

Anunnaki Travels the World

Educational Intersex Videos, Websites, Blogs, Authors, and Articles.

World Wide Advocacy & Support For Intersex and Transgender People

Helpful LGBTQIA+ Definitions (Human Sexuality)

Transgender Educational Videos

Anonymous Messages from others



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