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My New Haven Pride Center Discussion: A Coversation with Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez on IAD 2021

This talk was Live Stream on Youtube, and recorded for Intersex Awareness Day 2021.

New Haven Pride Center States:

For a special conversation with nationally recognized Anunnaki Ray Marquez, Intersex rights and gender activist, and TEDx speaker. Help us raise awareness while centering the Intersex community in an important dialogue about the relationship between sex and gender, gender identity, and how, as a community, we can center Intersex peoples in this conversation.

This program will be a conversation with Intersex rights gender activist Anunnaki Ray Marquez and will be moderated by Trans Program Officer Eliot Olson.

A link to: New Haven Pride Center

Here is the United Nations Intersex Fact Sheet that was talked about during this talk.

My TEDx Born Intersex: we are human!

Helpful Blogs:


How to Add the “I” Responsibly to the LGBTQ+ Rainbow

Poem: Here is the joke about being me; LGBTQIA+

Why did I name myself Anunnaki Ray?


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