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Poem: Enter I* | By Gabriel Filpi



Enter I *

Into my life 


I, Imagine,

     I — Myself — Me.

In a world where I can be,


     and do not have to try,

To fit in places






I knew,

Long before the words formed and breached and bathed in sunlight,


          There to reap.

         Long before seeds were sewn,

     This truth was always mine and I carried it.



     and cry.

     and watch days go by,

               Fall away.

Piece by piece, I not yet something whole, but worn.

A hole,

Torn within torrid expectations of the child I, was supposed to be.

Fraught, with fear, and hope and beauty and radical self-love.


Only after odysseys,

Across landscapes of change and pills and pain,

A chance at something better.


Grasp between fingers, tight

Firm and solid,

For the first time

unlike the fine sand of yesterday that



away .



Took root and grew, forming something new.

I*, I, exist beyond imagination.

I am here and whole and

I am realized.


Enter I*

Into my life

At this time

     The right time.

And now I see —


was always 



By Gabriel Filpi

October 26th, 2019

(An honorary visitor to my blog)




To read more poetry please go to: Youth & I Intersex Youth Publication | Intersex Human Rights Australia and Edited by Steph Lum .

Here is the PDF Download: Youth and I | Issue 1 | Edited By Steph Lum


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