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INTERSEX Erasure Hurts! Examples of Misguidance from Doctors.


Here are some examples of the misguidance doctors tell parents of intersex infants, and children, to reinforce that surgery is a must, when it rarely medically necessary:



Medical Misguidance: The most common thing I see happening is that doctors are not calling intersex infants, intersex. I am certain that this is in order to justify corrective surgeries. Instead, parents will often hear that their intersex baby was born with a disorder, a birth defect, a syndrome or a medical condition.

TRUTH: There are many variations of intersex and most do not require medical treatment at all. These three blogs will tell you about the many forms of intersex:  1)  Intersex is what it is; 2)   Doctors call us a disorder, defect, or syndrome when we are born. We are simply Intersex.; and 3)  Seven Names for the SAME thing: Penis, Phallus, Clitoris, Phalloclitoris, Micropenis, Microphalus, and Clitoromegaly.


Medical Misguidance: The next most common fallacy I hear happening, is telling parents that all 46 XX are all female and girls, and 46 XY are all male and boys and that having a Y chromosome creates the male gender.  This is simply not true.  I write about that here: Five ways I show that the Male/Female Binary is a Myth, and a Social Construct. Nature has always Created Sexual Variety and Diversity.

TRUTH: Real life experience proves that our Sex Chromosomes do not create our gender and there are many, many XX boys, and XY girls in the world; and a “Y” chromosome simply does not create the male gender; nor does having two X chromosomes. Bottom line, regardless of our sex chromosomes, some people are the male gender, some are the female gender, and some are a mixture of both, or neither.


My blog: 1 :150 Have Intersex Traits


Medical Misguidance: They tell parents that being born intersex is a “psycho-social emergency”! That surgery needs to be done to keep us from being prejudiced against, and that surgery will make us more lovable and desirable. You can read more about that here: Doctors call us a disorder, defect, or syndrome when we are born. We are simply INTERSEX.

TRUTH: Surgery often takes away our fertility and our sexual sensation so that we can not orgasm later in life. Surgeries almost always break down, leaving a person with a lifetime of surgical repairs.  Also, surgeries often take away body parts we wish we had not lost.  Sad to say, when gonads (ovaries and testicles) are removed, that should not have been, it will lead to a life time of dependence of synthetic hormones.  Something that would not have happened if the child had just simply been left alone.


Medical Misguidance: Some surgeons convince parents that it is a “sentence” to sit to pee as a boy/man.  For this reason alone corrective surgery to the penis is done.

TRUTH: Lots of typical males sit to pee by choice. Many males who are survivors of physical trauma and cancer of the penis have to sit to pee also. Many transgender men, have to sit to pee if they do not use a “Stand to Pee” device, or have surgery. Bottom line: Standing to pee does not make a man.  These surgeries often cause a loss of sensation, sexual dysfunction, and a life time of corrective surgeries, due to surgeries breaking down. You can read more about that here: FAR TOO FEW OF US ARE AWARE OF THE SPECIFIC HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS FACED BY MILLIONS OF INTERSEX PEOPLE


Medical Misguidance: Some doctors put the fear of homosexuality into their parents. Stating that if our genitals are surgically operated on we will somehow not appear gay or lesbian.

TRUTH: Sexual Orientation has nothing to do with our genitals. Sexual Orientation has to do with who we are sexually attracted too, want to fall in love with, and have sexual relationships with. Sexual Orientation has nothing to do with our reproductive organs, genitals, chromosomes, hormones. All the surgery in the world doesn’t take the “gay” out of someone. You can read more about that here: It is time to stop the “normalizing” genital surgery on intersex infants!  and I was born with an intersex body but this does not create my gender or my sexual orientation.


Medical Misguidance: In order to remove our “undesirable” parts, surgeons lie that our gonads (ovaries or testicles) will develop cancers, when there is no proven medical truth around this fear. They also tell parents that a girl can not have a penis, or a large clitoris, or that a boys can not have a vagina. Among many other things, they also often say that a penis that is tied down, can’t enjoy sex; or that a man could never be happy with such a small penis. They are so obsessed over the size of the penis/clitoris, they often can measure the penis or clitoris to assign our gender even. I write about that here: “It’s too small, let’s make them into a girl!” Yup, this atrocity is still happening today!

TRUTH: Prior to the invention of “corrective surgeries” Intersex people have existed since the beginning of time.  Nor did we suffer form cancers or lack of sexual gratification. At many times in history our births were celebrated even. In history we have been worshiped, as well as held in high status as prodigies. Sadly, until culture learns about us again, we will suffer social stigma and prejudice.   This prejudice should not be made worse by our genitals being destroyed surgically, and our fertility being taken too.  Surgery is not the solution.  Fix society please.



To read the full statement from the United Nations:  Intersex Awareness Day – October 26th, 2016


Please visit: Born Perfect Baby Memes, By Mx. Anunnaki Ray



Fix Society Please


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