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Poem: Empty Nest of Compassion

My child, Like me, you are given the Universe to sort out. I see you jump the nest, with your new wings, with a deep love and Compassion. I see your suffering. You attacked me with your rage. I see how this pain is yours and not mine. My love never dies. We both have… Continue reading Poem: Empty Nest of Compassion

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Poem: You are a man, I am a man.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com We are similar but we are not the same You are a man, I am a man You say that is the same No There is more Our world erased me so you don't even know there is more You are man, I am a man I fathered your children… Continue reading Poem: You are a man, I am a man.

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My ‘Love What Matters’ Article: I’m a Gestational Father

https://www.lovewhatmatters.com/intersex-man-gestational-father-shares-self-discovery-journey/ My article for 'Love What Matters' By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez | February 9th, 2022 | Edited by Sonia Beltz ~.V.~

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Three LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Flags

Intersex Inclusion Flag Created by Pablo Neira The Indivisibility Flag from New Zealand, Pride 2021 Created by Eliana Rubashkyn 'The New Pride Progress Flag' | Intersex Inclusion Flag Created by Valentino Vechietti The Story Behind this Yellow and Purple Intersex Flag ~.V.~

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My Plea: I am a 46XX CAH Intersex Nonconforming Gay Transgender MAN

This is the Poster I e-mailed for the Laurie Children's Hospital CAH Stories Symposium, Held on Feb. 4th and 5th, 2022. Email: cahstories@luriechildrens.org The text in the poster above reads: I AM A MAN I am a 46 XX CAH Intersex Nonconforming Gay Transgender MAN You will not erase my intersex existence with your bad… Continue reading My Plea: I am a 46XX CAH Intersex Nonconforming Gay Transgender MAN

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Poem: I am a MAN with a Vagina

I am a Proud Hermaphrodite I am a MAN with a Vagina not the girl your world coerced me to be You ask...... Is it my Penis? Is it my Phallus? Is it my Clitoris? Is it my Phalloclitoris? Is it my Micropenis? Is it my Microphallus? Is it Clitoromegaly? Is it a Pseudo-Penis? Does… Continue reading Poem: I am a MAN with a Vagina

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The Confusion of saying I “Identify as ______,” and a better solution.

I am struggling with language right now. Some are saying they "identify as intersex." I assume they are the variations of intersex that are rarely called "intersex." Such as CAH, Hypospadias, Klinfelters and or XXY people. In this regard, I understand the usage of the phrase "identify as intersex" because many of these variations of… Continue reading The Confusion of saying I “Identify as ______,” and a better solution.

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Endosex: an important new word.

A message from Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez: Help me end Cultural Dysphoria, please! I brought the word "endosex" to the table with my TEDx Born Intersex: we are human! Intersex-born Cary G Costello, Ph.D., is one of the first to use "endosex" in his writing. I believe I am the first to use it in… Continue reading Endosex: an important new word.



EXPLOITED! YOU!how dare you benefit unfairly from our existence as rare YOU!exploited us fully, and you took advantage of all of us YOU!the sideshow ringmaster YOU!the grand rounds physician YOU!are the one calling yourself our savioras you make us your roadshow YOU!even called me your my friendto get into our world EXPLOITED! Nothing about us… Continue reading Poem: EXPLOITED!