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Poem: Systemic Erasure of a Class of People

You call this evolved? You are a fool! With your invention of sex, you erased an entire class of people.  Ancient people accepted what you denied.  Indigenous people accept what you deny! We have existed since the first humans have walked the Earth I have seen the past, I have read what they wrote.  I… Continue reading Poem: Systemic Erasure of a Class of People

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Poem: IMAGINE being erased

I was in therapy learning that I was a girl. Sugar and spice and everything nice. At the same time, my little brother's emergence into this world was being celebrated. Snips and snails and puppy-dogs' tails IMAGINE YAY! they said.  His penis a glorious thing! He will stand to pee even! He gets to carry… Continue reading Poem: IMAGINE being erased

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My Plea to this Earth, my Poem: I Have a DREAM

I have a Dream  I have a DREAM That TOGETHER this world will CHANGE. That CULTURE can SHIFT and rearrange. The MEN can have EGGS, and WOMEN can have SPERM. That the world will not end if this BINARY MYTH is BURNED. That the intersex genitals of babies will no longer be SURGICALLY ERASED. And XX Men… Continue reading My Plea to this Earth, my Poem: I Have a DREAM