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Poem: Endosexism

E Ellegant people separating themselves into pink and blue only boxes.

N Not knowing they are doing harm conflating sex with gender.

D ‘Dumb’ is not the word to use to describe what they are doing.

O ‘Open-minded people’ learning about this human rights atrocity.

S The erasure of our sex with the many names of disorders and syndromes.

E Endosex is a new word to help awaken this world to what happens to us.

X Gender X not working anymore to own ourselves, because they took it.

I Intersex erasure hurts, it kills with surgery and abortion.

S Sometimes it is okay to allow people to exist their true sex.

M Misogyny or Misandry, which one is it?

Who do we blame?

How do we stop this eugenics?

Help me end Cultural Dysphoria.

By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

October 1st, 2021

Shared on social media.
Text: Endosexism. The irony of not knowing you are endosex when you are not born intersex. Then enabling people in power and control to erase the existence of over 250 million intersex human beings. Help us end Cultural

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