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Poem: Was it my penis?

The void

of emptiness.

A hole in my heart.  

Was it your assumptions,

your embarrassment,

your shame?

Why won’t you call me a friend now?

Was it my beard,

my penis,

my appearing a gay man now?

You said I had lied to you when I appeared a woman.

Why did my becoming an intersex man make me lose my innocence?

I am told it is not about me.  

It’s about you! 

Then tell me I say!

Because I don’t get this form of cruelty and abandonment.

Once, I had many girlfriends who would talk to me daily as a mom. 

I never felt alone like this.  


You then learn I was born a hermaphrodite.

Now nothing.

Now, nothing, I say,

but lonely broken people coming to my inbox.

Apparently, intersex dads don’t get to have women as friends.

And cisgender heterosexual men don’t talk,

it’s a cultural thing apparently.

The land of the misfit toys.

Come on!  Was it because of my penis?


I want to know…… 

how can I fix this if I do not know?

Is it even mine to fix?

Maybe a trans woman or

a trans man, or

the bearded woman would know.

Tears fall……..

Here’s the thing, I know I am not alone.

There are many of us!

I even educate your world now.

….and yet I write this alone.

Fix Cultural Dysphoria Please.


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

November, 13th, 2018


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