Intersex Activist, Short Messages

A New Important Word: Endosex

An important new word that honors the existence of intersex people:


A person is ENDOSEX if not born with INTERSEX physiology.

Both can be assigned wrong At birth.

Both can change their gender identity 
or sex traits, and be valid in who they

A human being can be of any gender identity, man, woman, both or neither, and all the amazing ways we can define ourselves as human beings.

When our Physiology is INTERSEX, Just like
Transgender People, our biology does
NOT always determine our Gender Identity.

Old binary notions of biology dictating our gender 
identity are clearly WRONG when these beliefs 
do harm to millions of people.

This is not science: No one is born a girl or boy.  
We are all assigned girls or boys, and sometimes the 
“experts” at our birth get our gender identity wrong.

The TRUTH is this simple.

Endosex: An important new word.

My TEDxTalk Born Intersex: we are human!


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