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My sex is not my gender identity.

Thoughts of the day:

Not all intersex people are nonbinary.

Not all intersex people use “intersex” to define their physiology. Some do, and some do not.

Some like being called “hermaphrodite,” and some do not.

I’m a hermaphrodite. I’m okay with being called a hermaphrodite.

My sex traits are intersex.

My physiology is intersex.

My chromosomes are intersex.

My hormones are intersex.

Intersex is beautiful, but it’s not my gender identity.

My gender identity is MAN.

My gender expression is MAN, too.

My required pronouns are he/they.

I’m a nonconforming MAN.

I’m transgender to my wrong birth assignment. I receive the same prejudice and bias as a transgender person.

Not all intersex people assigned wrong are transgender, though.

Please don’t assume how a person defines themselves. Always ask; if it’s truly your business to know.

I’m not endosex in my physiology. You are endosex in your physiology if your not intersex. Both can change their sex traits with consensual hormones or surgery. We are valid in who we become.

1.7% to 2% of the population has intersex traits. That means intersex is not rare.

My birth certificate says my sex is intersex.

I’m still a MAN.

I’m an intersex man.

I exist even if your mind is closed.

I am Proudly the First in Colorado to get an Intersex Birth Certificate

To learn more about us intersex people: 


3 thoughts on “My sex is not my gender identity.”

  1. I am also intersex; I have the rare variant that is best known as XX male syndrome. Everything about me is female, except for my genitalia. My medical care consists of female hormone replacement; I identify as female, my personality is female, and everyone knows me as a female, including my wife. My pronouns are she/her. 🙂


    1. Thank you for sharing your intersex variation with me. I always educate: when we have met one intersex person, we have met one intersex person. I am 46XX too, and my personality is that of a man, and my genitalia are hermaphrodite. I am appreciative that you are a woman. We are all valid. This is why the self-determination of each of us is so important. Most, like me, are assigned girls. I was never a girl.

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  2. The X is being used to denote the next target for organ harvesting.
    Your sex is an amalgram of hormonal sex, physiological appearance, reproductive sex, lesser attributing organs that overproduce sometimes, gender identity, and the current cultural definition of sex which isn’t always binary and changes from time to time or flux from one place to another.


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