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A Call for Action: Against Anti-Youth Transgender Bills

Many anti-youth transgender bills have exclusions 
that promote the continued surgical harm of innocent intersex kids.  

In these bills, they will call an intersex child a
“disorder of sex development” and wrongfully justify continuing 
to do cosmetic, medically unnecessary surgeries on non-consenting children.

All children, endosex or intersex, deserve self-determination 
over their own bodies.  

Trans youth, and intersex babies/children, need your protection now! 

Please include us intersex and trans activists 
when making your argument against these horrible bills.  

As an intersex transgender gay man, I stand for both intersex and transgender kids.

Please share my TEDxTalk to make your point if needed. In this talk, I make it very clear that all children, no matter how they are born, deserve self-determination over their own gender identity:

Love and Light, and at your service always! Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

The Intersex Flag (Left) and Transgender Flag (Right).



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