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Poem: A Right of Passage

A Right of Passage

To allow yourself the freedom to become.

To end all inner conflict and fear.

To invite yourself home.

To love yourself enough to do it.

A Right of Passage

Many will die if they remain invisible in the mirror.

Medical necessity for many

is it for you?

If yes, a special doctor is your friend now.

A Right of Passage

No more being misgendered.

To become ONE with the many in your head.

Warning: you will know hate now.

Yet, your inner love will be more important

than those who hate.

This is a gift to yourself.

It is the gift of the emergence of true self.

To be physical and no longer in spirit.

A Right of Passage 

It is the emancipation of a new beginning.

It is a poison to some and a blessing to others.

This will be your Right of passage 

but only if you want it.

Self-determination is yours.

By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

November 6, 2021


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