My Poem: I am the Storm



I am the Storm.

The Unforgivable.

I put this world on its head now.

When I decided to no longer remain silent, my blood family turned me into the living dead.

As Hurricane Irma approaches I realized once more that life can be short.

When I appeared a woman to this world, so sick in my hospital bed, it was no different then.  I was dying I was alone then too.

My very being mortified you back then like it does now!

My only crime being born different.

I am the Storm.

The Unforgivable.

I put this world on its head now.

I embarrass you don’t I?

There is no concern because I am the living dead to you. 

And yet here I am writing this about you!   

I am your brother you refuse to meet.

Why do I even allow you to rent space in my mind? 

I wonder what Karma is like for such ass holes.

I am the storm

because I prove your lies are lies!


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

September 9th, 2017

Note: Hurrican Irma will be hitting my area, here in Florida, September 9th, 2017.  To the best of our ability, my family hopes to be safe.  Remember, together we change this world. Together we are the storm. 


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1 thought on “My Poem: I am the Storm”

  1. Lovely poem and very timely.
    I have been thinking of you these past days, worried about the hurricane approaching. We don’t experience hurricanes or cyclones in the temperate regions where I am located.
    I have been following the updates on the news. The reports mention that there are around 20 million people in Florida – that is only 4 million less than in the entire continent of Australia.
    South Australia only has about 1.2 million people in an area of 983,482 km. Most people live in Adelaide, so most of SA is empty of people.
    Please keep safe.


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