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Poem: I Will Sing My Song


I Will Sing My Song

How could you see my angel wings, you were blind, you could not sing.
I was locked in a Cage.


How could you see that I was special, they had lied to you, they told you I was all wrong and you believed them.
You locked me up, and let them try to fix me. They broke my spirit and bound me to whom I never could be. They poisoned my body, my mind and then got away with it.


My bloody wrists and ankles shackled to a world I never could belong to. A prisoner, to a lie, to your delusions. Behind bars, I lived most my entire life. This world my prison.
I now see that you did your best. But my life was taken, like all the rest. No one broke the law.
I have no human rights.
I have been to the front lines of this war. A horrific sight. Prejudice, Suicide, Genital mutilations, Murder and Hating Oneself for not belonging to this world.
Hell on Earth.
A lie that is so cunning, baffling and insidious, the male/female binary. Only two boxes, that have tried to destroy a part of the Human Race.
They tried to erase me.
How could you see my angel wings, you were blind, you could not sing.
But my cage door is now open
I will sing my song.
By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez
January 18th, 2016
(Martin Luther King Jr. Day, in America)


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