Messages from Pablo Neira

A message from Pablo Neira, a survivor of intersex genital mutilation:

Sadly not all babies are born free and equal, intersex babies still to this day are being surgically cut and operated on so they look like one sex or another, instead of embracing the newborn as they are. To the parents of intersex children, please I beg of you, learn to love your child, learn to embrace their unique and wonderful body, the damage you are saving them from will be a blessing in the future. Don’t fear us intersex individuals we are here if you have questions.



The term disorder of sexual development is not correct, intersex is a natural variance in the human experience which is shared with other species on this planet, the human raise is the only species that see it as a disorder or a birth defect.



Here is a blog I wrote in honor of Lara Neiera:

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