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Poem: I’m Not By Alex Rae

The Ace Flag

I’m Not 

You ask me who I am

Who I like

How I feel

You say I can tell you anything

That all I have to do is be honest

So I am

I like everyone

Just…not like that.

‘Oh, that’s not okay’

‘Everyone likes someone like that,’ you say

‘But you’re engaged,’ you say

‘You’re a parent’ you say ‘Which means you like someone like that’


I don’t. 

‘Who are you?’ you ask 

I tell you. 

Sometimes a boy.

Sometimes nothing.

Sometimes everything.



I say that.

‘No,’ you say.

‘You’re what you were born as.’

‘You’re a girl.’


I’m not.

I’m not what you say.

I’m me.

And if you wait, and you listen…

Maybe you’ll understand. 


I’m not what you think

I’m ME

And I’m not ashamed anymore!

By Alex Rae
January 9th, 2019
Alex is a gender nonconforming
transmasculine genderfluid person.

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