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How Many People Are Assigned Wrong At Birth?

The World Population as of

May 2018 is 7.6 Billion (7,600,000,000) People.

Most all of us are assigned at birth our gender identity and it is based on ONE thing, our genitals.

This blog is to show you an estimated number of intersex people and transgender people who are being hurt by the practice of assigning our gender identity based on the appearance of our genitals, reproductive system or chromosomes at our birth.

Intersex Flag

Intersex People: 

1.7% of the population on Earth is born with sex characteristics (including genitals, gonads and chromosome patterns) that do not fit typical binary notions of male or female bodies.  United Nations’ Intersex Fact Sheet

This means 129,200,000 people born with an intersex natural bodily variation are at high risk of being assigned WRONG at birth.

Transgender Flag

Transgender People: 

1.4 Million people identify as transgender in America alone.   That’s 0.6% of the population is transgender.  For the sake of this blog, I am going to assume this is the same percent for the world.

This means 45,600,000 transgender people are being assigned WRONG at birth.

Together, this means 174,800,000 Intersex People and Transgender People are potentially being assigned WRONG at birth.  

174.8 Million is A LOT OF PEOPLE who need the right to chose their own gender identity as male, female, both or neither.  If we include gender nonconforming people to this population this number is even higher. 

The way I see it, as humans, no matter how we are born, the Self-Determination of our Gender Identity, our Genital Integrity, and our Genital Autonomy is about our Human Rights.  Gender is a personal thing and is how one feels internally about themselves.  Gender is not determined by our genitals, reproductive system, hormones or chromosomes.  I hope for a world that gives this gift of self-determination of their own gender identity to every child.



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  1. I am so happy to have discovered your blog while I was researching pride flags!! Not only did I learn a lot about others, I learned some things about myself. I look forward to learning much more! Thank you for all that you do! Best wishes to you and yours!

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