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A common question I am asked: How do you go to the bathroom?


I am asked often: How do you go to the bathroom?

My joking answer and to the point:

I find a bathroom, go into the bathroom, if it is a stall, I shut and lock the stall door, sit down and do my business like you do.

My more serious answer: 

1) I first have to find a safe bathroom.
2) I go in, shut the bathroom stall door.
3) Pray that everyone is minding their own business.
4) Depending on my gender expression, sometimes I even use a bathroom buddy, in case I am bullied or attacked. 
My fears in the bathroom have far surpassed your fears of me in the bathroom. I assure you.

5) Sometimes I simply hold it if there nowhere safe to go.

I used the Women’s bathroom for the first forty-six years of my life.  Not once in that time did the sky fall because of my phallus.  I now live and appear as a man, so I used the Men’s bathroom.  So far, the sky is not falling due to my vulva and vagina.  Whenever I can I will use a family bathroom or a gender-neutral bathroom, but they are few and far between, and this is for my safety, not yours.

I look forward to an Earth that has all-gender neutral and safe bathrooms.

An example of a gender-neutral and inclusive bathroom sign that is not offensive.

Watch below, when back in 2016 as a new Gender/INTERSEX activist, I speak out to all this bathroom fear at the Human Rights Ordinance in Jacksonville, Florida.

This video is about Anunnaki Ray’s public comment on Jacksonville’s City Council Public Comment Section for the Human Rights Ordinance, that occurred in January of 2016. This video is in the public domain.

I am Proudly the First in Colorado to get an Intersex Birth Certificate


Intersex Symbol


3 thoughts on “A common question I am asked: How do you go to the bathroom?”

  1. Let me tell you, May God the Father of Christ bless and lead you. A natural intersex person cannot be given over to the enemy for that person is as any person is by sight and right in God 🙏. Giving a slightly different road as all roads are.. pray us all and be our brothers keeper. For out of man came woman . In one bone and one blood. If it’s natural it’s factual. I live to love and love ❤️ us all. God’s grace and mercy be upon you my friend. Let the natural ones rise now together and best the enemy of our souls. For he desires the souls and innocence of the intersex persons as a powerful prayer against Right need thru porn. Be brave and brazing against past wickedness and be blessed all ye our sisters or brothers our kindred. In Jesus the Christ name I do ask . Amen


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