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Dear Medical Complex and Government, Gestational Fathers Exist!

Dear Medical Complex and Government,

My son and daughter are biologically related to both 
of their parents.

We are two men, a gestational dad, and a seminal 
father. You see, I am an intersex man. I am not a woman.
I am not female.

We are not the only family like this. Please update 
your forms immediately! Your prejudice and denial 
of our existence is not acceptable! 

We Exist! We are Real! We are Human!

Sincerely, Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez 

To learn more, please watch my TEDxTalk Born Intersex: we are human!

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Magdalena Ventura with her husband and son, 1631 with modern-day​: Anunnaki and James, 2018


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