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Poem: Shamed into silence – eugenics

Shamed into silence

A form of eugenics without killing us

Shamed into silence

Then cut us and create infertility to fit your binary notions

Shamed into silence

So we do not talk about our bodies to anyone – hush, you say with your M.D. and Ph.D.!

Shamed into silence

The government, with its patriarchy, colonialism, and misogyny, did this to us – supremacy with the invention of “normal”

Shamed into silence

You said I had to be a feminine woman – intersex men not allowed in your endosexist, cissexist binary club – you do not even know you are endosex, do you?

Shamed into silence

Secretly giving a sigh of relief when we kill ourselves – because you pushed us to it

Shamed into silence

Telling our parents to abort us instead of having a hermaphrodite – you convinced them to hate us – to death

Shamed into silence

Trying to hide behind your religion and your god with your opinion when you M.D. and Ph.D. stops working for you – it won’t work

I was born in the image of God, too – if there is a god

You do not speak for God – you speak for death and destruction – you speak up for the erasure of millions of intersex people from the face of this Earth!


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