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Poem: The Invisible Space Boy

Some old school work of mine; about nine years old.

I tried to tell you I was a boy

You even bought me trucks and drums for a toy

The boys wouldn’t play with me

you dressed me in pink

The girls wouldn’t play with me

not as a girl I did think

You called me a “Tomboy”

Toni would become my name

But I was on to this

terrible world’s


My penis did not look like my brother’s or dads

I had to be a girl

but this meant that I had been had!

I dreamed of being an alien visiting from space

To escape this reality

to escape this cruel place

Where girls have to be girls

and boys have to be boys 

no room for me

I made you annoyed! 

So Space’O and Spacey would fly in their ship

To escape this miserable place

where misfits don’t fit

On the wrong side of the planet 

Space’O would land

He was stuck in a binary

and he could not take a stand!

As a little invisible space boy

I simply could not be

As you can now

so clearly see

I was invisible 

to your world which is obviously not mine

But now things will change

even if it takes time.

By Anunnaki Ray Marquez

December 16th, 2018

I kept some of my school work, as a young child, that my mother had put aside for me.  These two things, the cartoon above Space’O and Spacey, and this poem below would have been written while I was in elementary school.  I am guessing that I was about nine years old.  As some of you know, before I legally change my name to Anunnaki, it used to be Antoinette.  As you can clearly see by some of my past school work I was not a typical girl, because I was never meant to be a girl.

A man came to visit from Mars

He was alarmed by so many cars

He stepped off the curb

Took off like a bird

He’s now flying away

through the stars.

By my younger self,

The invisible space boy.

A poem from when I was nine years old.
The original I found in a box of my old school work that my mother kept.

Below is the introduction to my TEDx Talk:  Born Intersex: we are human! 

All my life I have felt like this world was not mine.  As a child, I felt like I was an alien from another universe.  You might be wondering.  How could this be?  We are all obviously from planet Earth, right?  Well, the reason is simple. As a child, I was taught that only typical boys and girls are allowed to exist and that we are all defined by our birth certificates.  I was given a clear message that I had to abide by these rules or become an outcast because my very existence had become too controversial.  I would later find out that I am sadly not alone in feeling subhuman and like an alien visitor, there are many of us. “


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