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Poem: IMAGINE being erased

I was in therapy learning that I was a girl. Sugar and spice and everything nice. At the same time, my little brother's emergence into this world was being celebrated. Snips and snails and puppy-dogs' tails IMAGINE YAY! they said.  His penis a glorious thing! He will stand to pee even! He gets to carry… Continue reading Poem: IMAGINE being erased

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Gender is NOT Determined by Our Sex Chromosomes.

Yup, I used to have chromosome Dysphoria!  It was caused by science not catching up with my very real existence as an intersex nonconforming man.  Chromosome Dysphoria is very real.  Chromosome dysphoria happens when we are taught that only females can have XX chromosomes and males have XY chromosomes, and we believe this myth! To… Continue reading Gender is NOT Determined by Our Sex Chromosomes.