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Intersex, Intergender, and Altersex. Do Intersex Transexuals Exist?

Before I answer if Intersex Transexuals Exist, let me first educate and give the definitions of Intersex, Endosex, Intergender, and Altersex.

What is Intersex?

Intersex is general term used for natural bodily variations in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male.  Some forms of intersex also naturally occur after birth and later in life, however, these are all naturally occurring bodily variations.  In humans, it is a variation in sex characteristics, including chromosomes, hormones, gonads, or genitals that do not allow an individual to be distinctly identified as male or female.

Just like anyone else, an intersex person can have any gender, sexual orientation, or gender expression. The “rules” of the heteronormative binary, male and female, often do not work for intersex people. Since intersex is a way to describe a person’s biological sex, it should not be confused as  gender identity  , or with transgender  gender identity issues.

What is Endosex

Endosex: A word used to describe someone who is not born intersex.  Endosex people are born with sex characteristics which could be categorized them either as typical female or a typical male.  Like an intersex person, Endosex people can have any gender identity,  sexual orientation, or gender expression.

Note: In the past, and in some countries, the term “hermaphrodite” is used to describe people born intersex. Depending on the country or the person, this can be considered offensive. Always ask to make sure it is ok to use the word hermaphrodite. Please always ask if it is ok to say in your country. Some accept it, and some do not now.

To learn about some of the worse human rights violations known to this planet, please visit the United Nations Intersex Fact Sheet PDF.

What is Altersex

Altersex:  A catch-all term consisting of alter, meant here as “different” or “another possibility,” and sex, referring to physiological primary and secondary sex characteristics. Altersex is meant to be used largely, but not exclusively, for fictional characters, describing body plans that are not found naturally in homo sapiens, or, in the case of real individuals using this as an identifier, those who have a mental body plan/view of their “true” self that has a body that fits under altersex.
Altersex can also refer to -possible- sexes that are neither endosex nor intersex, in the cases of those who medically transistion through HRT or sexual reassignment surgery of some sort to appear intersex.  Since they were not born intersex, I feel that an altersex person shouldn’t use intersex as a word to describe themselves.  But might instead use the words  “Altersex” and/or “intergender” to be better respectful of those of us who were born naturally intersex.  

What is Intergender?

Intergender is a gender identity that is considered a nonbinary, or nonconforming term.  Some feel it fits under the transgender umbrella of terms and describes a person’s personality and not their genitals.  Intergender people have a gender identity that is in the middle between the binary genders of female and male, or lies on that spectrum between the binary genders of female and male.  Some intergender people may be a mix of gender identities.

Note: The word “intergender” has been independently coined by different people at different times, resulting in two main differences in meaning:

1. Some believe that this term, intergender, is an identity label that any person can use. Even if they are not intersex (dyadic) themselves, they can declare themselves intergender.

2. Others believe that “intergender” can only be used by people who are intersex, and that intergender is an identity only for intersex people.   Some believe that intersex people need words for their gender identities that correlate only with intersex bodies.  These people feel that in this case, dyadic nonbinary people should respect intersex people, by taking up a different non-binary label than intergender for themselves.  It might be more respectful if they used  androgyne, bigender, gender fluid or queer to describe themselves instead.

I personally believe that the Self-Determination of gender is the right of any person.  I believe any person has the right to declare themselves “intergender”.  However, only a naturally born intersex person, should declare themselves born “intersex”.  

The Gender expression of an Intergender or Altersex person: 

Some intergender people see it as solely a matter of gender identity, and therefore do not feel they have to dress in a particular kind of gender expression. They may even be satisfied with an appearance that fits within the gender binary and conform to societies expectations of how a typical female and typical male dresses; even though their gender identity does not conform to binary notions.  However, other intergender people will dress androgynous and have a gender expression that is a mixture of both typical male and female.   They may or may not,  express their intergender identity through their personality or activities such as cross-dressing or “interdressing”.  They may or may not  the intentions of being seen as any particular gender.

A person who is Altersex can literally have any gender expression they choose.  It is their physical body that was surgically altered.

The Assignment of Sex  VS  The Assignment of Gender 

Sex Assignment is done surgically and with the use of hormones and requires a physician and surgeon.  Gender assignment is declaring one’s gender identity and is a feeling within oneself.  Much like their personality, and does not require surgery or hormones to declare.

Note: Some people legally change their gender now, depending on the laws of their government, and do not ever feel they have to undergo sex assignment surgeries.

Intersex Transexual, or Altersex People, do exist, however they were born with a biological Endosex body and NOT and Intersex body.

Transitioning to appearing “Intersex”, would make a person Altersex.  

Some nonbinary people, who were born endosex, have described their transition as one that will make their body more “intersex”, and call themselves female-to-intersex or male-to-intersex transsexuals.

Through surgical assignment, or with the aid of hormones, some intergender, or non binary people wish to transition to a body that has traits in between female and male, or wish it to be more like a naturally born intersex body.

These Endosex people may call themselves female to intersex, or male to intersex transsexuals, or female to intersex, or male to intersex transgender.  They may also say they are Altersex.  

This type of person starts out as an Endosex born person.  They were NOT born biologically as intersex.  They had surgical or hormonal interventions to create “intersex”, or to become “altersex” with the help of a surgeon or physician.  They often do these surgeries, so that their bodies can match their mind.

This type of person, I feel, does not have the right to claim they were born intersex, so the term altersex is welcomed by me.  They are simply a transexual, or transgender person, who has transitioned to appearing intersex or altersex.

If you are confused about certain definitions used, please visit my pages: LGBTQIA+ Definitions and Human Sexuality.  

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References used: 

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Here is my autobiography:  About Mx. Anunnaki Ray 


6 thoughts on “Intersex, Intergender, and Altersex. Do Intersex Transexuals Exist?”

  1. it confuses the issues by not seeing transsexual as we are, a crossexed experience focusing on brain sex and eventually necessating the same surgerys performed on intersex peoples without their consent that are denied TS peoples when they do have consent even medical necessiity. the surgeries do not make them “apear more intersex” it is about bring body to match the mind. we already are an IS variance, just a different form.


    1. Hello Kitty, I edited the last paragraph. Thank you, it is important what you just shared: This type of person starts out as an endosex person. They were NOT born biologically as intersex. They had to surgical or hormonal interventions to create “intersex” with the help of a surgeon or physician. Which they should describe as becoming “Altersex”. They often do these surgeries, so that their bodies can match their mind. This type of person, I feel, does not have the right to claim they were born intersex. They are simply a transexual, or transgender person, who has transitioned to appearing intersex. Which technically makes them “altersex” or “intergender”.


  2. This term (intergender) I feel is the one I have been waiting for to describe me, after being berated for stating I feel I should be transitioning to a more intersex body. Many have tried to tell me what term I should use, based on their perception of how an intersex person might be offended by the term “trans-intersex”. I’m not claiming to be intersex, I’m AFAB and my gender leans towards somewhere in the middle of male and female. I’ve used bigender to define myself as well, but it fit just about as well as a size too large shoe. It wasn’t quite there. Intergender feels much better, however, I still wonder if I should continue baselining as bigender, given that some disagree with dyadic people like myself using it.

    I don’t want to get into an argument over what I identify as. I feel I should have been born intersex, but I wasn’t, so to my mind that equates most accurately to “trans-intersex” but having been told that it would be offensive, I’ve stumbled about trying on different things and every time I get close to one that feels right, I get turned away under the guise of people speaking for others. It’s not comfortable to do this, and I’d love to have a label that suits and doesn’t offend. It’s . . . not enjoyable to be directed how to identify. Maybe I’m being paranoid and overthinking it, and I should just state exactly how I am.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have a group on Facebook called: GENDER NON-CONFORMIST. Please join, I think it would be a helpful place for you. There are all sorts of gender-nonconforming people in that group. Some Endosex (not intersex), some Intersex. There are over thirty ways we have described our gender non-conforming identities. We are from all over the world too. I look forward to seeing you in there. Thank you for sharing about yourself.


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