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Poem: I am a Gender Pirate



I come to you in feather and lace

No, I am not a cultural disgrace

I am a part of this gender race

I do not care if I am misplaced

I love my beauty and being handsome too

I am a Gender Pirate


My Body and Mind were Born this way

I will sail the seven seas

to show this world to stop hating


I will show this world that a man can be pretty

and a woman can be handsome

Yes, we exist  XX Men and XY Women

There are no rules

Just mass conformity and a crude cultural construct of gender

Rules that need to be finally broken

It is Cultural Dysphoria 

I don’t have Gender Dysphoria! 

I am not ashamed of my

intersex body anymore! 

You will not alienate me!


Your gender rules are all myths anyways

My existence proves it is all lies

I am a Gender Pirate! 

I am Real, and I am Human! 

I am now a part of this Human Race

On Earth, my voice will be heard


Fix Society Please! 

No child should survive this hell like I did.


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray
Also Known as Pirate Antonio Phoenix
April 13th, 2018
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