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Can an Intersex person be Transgender?


Short Answer:

It is up to the intersex person to decide if they are transgender or not.  So, never assume and always ask the person.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 7.33.02 AM
The Intersex Flag (Left) and Transgender Flag (Right).

Long Answer:

Definitions First:

Cisgender = When an Endosex (not born intersex) person, agrees with their birth assignment.
Ipso Gender = When an Intersex person agrees with their birth assignment.
Gender Identity = Our personality and how we feel as men/boys, women/girls, both or neither.
Biological Sex = Endosex (not born intersex) or Intersex
Intersex = Our physical bodies being born biologically in the middle (both male and female) in some way.  This can be with our genitals, reproductive system, chromosomes or hormones. It can be ONE or a mixture of these four ways.
Altersex = A term that can be chosen to describe when a person has surgery to change the biological sex/body they were born with.
 Transgender = When one decides for themselves if they are going against their birth-assigned gender and begin transitioning to their declared gender identity after birth assignment.

It is important to not conflate biological sex with gender identity.  With intersex born and transgender people, our gender identity does not always match our biological sex.
However, not all intersex people who do not agree with their birth assignment are transgender.  It is up to the intersex person to decide if they are transgender or not.
For ALL HUMANS It is up to each individual person, regardless of being born endosex,  intersex, or altersex to decide if they are transgender.
It is never up to society, the government, medical complex, professionals or expert to label us as transgender.  Gender Non-conforming and Gender non-binary people exist, and not all of them are transgender either.
Genital integrity is also a human right and our self-determination to have bottom surgery (genital surgeries) is a human right too.
No intersex child should be forced into their gender identity through non-consenting, corrective cosmetic genital surgeries, or be coerced into hormones.  STOP! Surgery Does Not Create an Intersex Child’s Gender
Bottom line: Gender is NOT in our crotch, it is in our mind and in our hearts, and there is more than being just male or female.  All humans deserve to have genital integrity.
Please read more about intersex here, and how our human rights are violated:  United Nations’ Intersex Fact Sheet 
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