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STOP! Surgery Does Not Create an Intersex Baby’s Gender


I believe it is harming intersex children, gender non-conforming people and those transgender people who want genital integrity and the genitals they were born with.
NOTE:   Biological Sex is of or relating to the physical, whereas gender is of or relating to psychological.  With intersex people and transgender people, our biological sex does not have to match our gender, and that it ok.
Here is my concern: Calling it “Gender Confirmation Surgery” is possibly going to INCREASE INTERSEX GENITAL MUTILATION in infants and children. Transgender medicine has changed it from “Sex Reassignment Surgery” to “Gender Confirmation Surgery”.   SRS was far more accurate in my opinion.
The problem with transgender surgeons calling it “Gender Confirmation Surgery” is great in my opinion: Once again equating gender to genitals and body parts. Worse, it is creating body shaming and societal pressure to get on the operating tables for anyone whose physical body does not match the gender expectations of the male/female binary.
Therefore, this loud and clear message, reinforcing the binary myth, that genitals and body parts equal gender.  So, any of us born both and intersex in some way, are put at great risk of surgical non-consensual surgeries when we are infants and children.
Worse, our parents read these articles about “Gender Confirmation Surgeries” and transgender people claiming to be in the wrong bodies, thus fueling this myth that bodies have to physically conform to the limitations of a male/female binary.
There are countless people totally at PEACE with not conforming to the male/female binary. I am one of many. I am lovable, I have a family and I have kids too!
Let us all please change the language and help the innocent children born intersex to have a CHOICE about their bodies, please.  No Body Is Shameful and the Self-Determination of our Gender is our Human Right.
If a person grows up with informed consent and has surgery, this is what #SelfDetermination is all about.  If they grow up to be happy with the genitals God gave them, that is awesome too.  Again No Body is Shameful.

It is NOT OUR GENDER THEY ARE OPERATING ON…it is our physical bodies they are surgically changing, in an attempt to surgically change our physical sex.  Never forget that our gender is in our personality and cannot be cut on or created with a surgeons scalpel.

Here is the United Nations’:  Intersex Fact Sheet

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