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Poem: Systemic Erasure of a Class of People

Anunnaki Bunce October 2019

You call this evolved?

You are a fool!

With your invention of sex,

you erased an entire class of people. 

Ancient people accepted what you denied. 

Indigenous people accept what you deny!

We have existed since the first humans have walked the Earth

I have seen the past,

I have read what they wrote. 

I know my gender symbol even!

You erased us! 

Systemic erasure of a class of people! 

I get to legally exist now.

Intersex Birth Certificate! 

Enough is enough! 

Stop your invention of sex!

This is primitive! 

Stop hurting innocent children

with your






By Anunnaki Ray Marquez

November 24th, 2019


These Ten Human Rights Organizations and many more say it is time to Stop Intersex Genital Mutilation (IGM).

I am Proudly the First in Colorado to get an Intersex Birth Certificate

Eugenics & Genocide: The Male & Female Binary Myth



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