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Why the “I” should come First: I LGBTQA+

It is Time to THINK!  1 in 150  ILGBTQA+

We now know that intersex traits are very common in humans.  Some say that the occurrence of intersex traits is as high as 1 in 150.   

How common is intersex

Since this is the case, this an obvious scientific explanation to why we have so many different types of people walking around.  We have different sexual orientations, different genders, different forms of biological sex (Intersex People), and different gender expressions.  It only stands to reason that this is the scientific explanation for ALL the VARIETIES of human.  It is time to start putting the “I” in front:


Intersex Traits include variations regarding our genitals, reproductive systems, hormone levels, and our chromosomes.  If ONE thing varies from  what science calls “normal”, then that person may have “intersex traits”.  1 in 150 people is a lot of people! 

We also have to realize why that humans come in many varieties, and these intersex variances will result in how we determine our sexual orientation,  gender expression and how we are being labeled:  INTERSEX,  LESBIAN, GAY, BI-SEXUAL, TRANSGENDER, QUEER, ASEXUAL, and the list of labels goes on and on A to Z.  It is time to re-think why this is happening.

Intersex Traits and The Rainbow I L G B T Q A +

More so, we have to also continue fighting for the HUMAN RIGHTS of all babies born with significant intersex conditions.  Intersex conditions that lead to horrific human rights violations due to doctors and our governments wanting to “fix” their genitals and reproductive system  with “corrective surgeries”.   Surgeries that lead to the loss of sexual sensation, the loss of fertility,  and the cause of horrible physical and psychological pain and suffering.  The United Nations says it has to stop, and yet there is a delay.

Fix Society with Angel Feather

Genital integrity, and the right to KEEP the genitals we were born with should belong to everyone.  This not only should include intersex babies, but also transgender bodies and their genitals and reproductive systems.  Bottom line, the government should not be allowed to dictate what creates a person’s gender, by our genitals, chromosomes or hormones.  Gender is not in our genitals, or chromosomes, and never will be.


Our own self-determination of our genitals, hormone levels, gender, sex orientation, and gender expression, is ours to decide.  Things that are so personal, should not be left up to authorities, or left up to the social construct of what creates a “real” male and female.  Heteronormative Culture, and this Male/Female Binary Culture, is destroying the lives of countless people.  Especially when our governments and doctors start dictating what is the right way to be, and what is not.



  1. How Common is Intersex Status? By Cary G. Costello, Ph.D.
  2. The Red Pill: The Truth Around the Biology of Sex By Luz Delfondo
  3. NGO Report: Intersex Genital Mutilations Human Rights Violations

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3 thoughts on “Why the “I” should come First: I LGBTQA+”

  1. An obstacle exists to the realization of INTERSEX identity. While INTERSEX outnumbers TRANSGENDER and TRANSEXUAL, the largest single block of intersex persons usually do not regard themselves as such. In my age group (59 years) most xxy Klinefelter’s males do not even know they have the condition. The ones who do know do not always identify as INTERSEX. With this block comprising one-quarter to one-half of the total, this is a major awareness obstacle. PS: I have been publicly denounced by an xxy Klinefelter’s male as my claims did not agree with his knowledge of his, and only his, condition.


    1. I agree, the medical system is not acknowledging many conditions as actually being intersex variations, or intersex conditions. It is an obstacle when one does not even know that they have an intersex body.


      1. I definitely agree with both of you! And that’s why awareness is so vital to emancipation. I think it is way better to discover that you’re intersex when listening to an activist, than in school, where you may feel frightened to ask to much, to “know too much.”

        There’s a long way ahead, but it will be worth it. So that in the future, children will learn about this in history books and be furious in that it was possible, like we, in Austria, do, when we learn about the emancipation of the Black community.


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