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Poem: Interbeing, so precious with Thay

I am told by Thay there is no birth, no death

Yet, our lives are so short

So precious

I am told by Thay to lift my enemies up to the clouds

Yet, they disregard my being

So precious

I am told by Thay we are interbeing

Yet, they build fences, disregard, and hate in prejudice

If we are one why can’t we see we are all

So precious?

My love will transcend this hate, family rejection

Systemic Prejudice

Colonialization and its genocide

Hiding this hate in the name of Jesus

My daily surrender to do what is right

To remember we are interbeing

My ancestors a part of me now

They never died

Living on within my body

I will never die I live on in those after me

So precious

When you hate me

you hate yourself

And you are

So Precious

Thay was right


So Precious

with Thay

who lives on

in me

By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

Dedicated to our beloved Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

July 3rd, 2022


4 thoughts on “Poem: Interbeing, so precious with Thay”

  1. its but one life, dont be afraid to loose it standing up to something that may kill you.

    now that you understand X is for organ harvesting you have a duty to those behind you to change that outcome.
    if your working with WOLF, then influence them.
    shut down their transmisogyny, replace it with Love.
    reclaim X-Men, gather a group of super heros not super villians,
    teach them what a trans+intersex ally is.
    have them pick a light persona to counteract their dark.

    btw, their attacking brynn tannehill, protect her.


  2. remember its very dangerous to be X right now
    maybe not reclaim xmen just because of it (though youd make a great archangel)
    especially in the kink realms were an X on a site denotes harvestability.
    consider wildcats or avengers or similare super hero group, just not the villians
    they had asked members to pick a badguy persona to draw out the worst
    the hope is that with a goodguy persona itll bring out the best.


  3. stay away from microsoft or META
    this is the devil guised as people who surive by killing other people.
    their all faking a game using religions to sway society.
    the lamb in africa is a false profit.
    the georgia guidestones were put up by my grandfather not aliens.
    their just fucking with us all.
    theres no real point to human life on earth anymore.
    its all greed.


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