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Poem: No coming No going

I wanted to be free from birth
I didn’t realize I already was
No coming
No going
Thay tells us with joy
No birth
No death
it is not to annoy


We were never born
because we were always here
we will never die
because we transform
nothing lost
nothing gone


My existence will live on
in your memory
in written form
in my message to
this world

nothing lost and nothing is gone

My ashes will transform
to a tree or a flower
The elements from
the cosmos in my body

we all return again to ashes

I can touch the sun
by holding your hand
I can see a cloud and even a rainbow
in a piece of paper
I see my mom in the palm of my hand
she never left me

science not imagination

My dad
as much as he hurt us
is a part of me
a part of me
I now get to love
along with all my ancestors

we are one

It is all found inside of us
to love oneself fully
is to love everything fully
and it is the only
way to be set

No coming

No going

To be set free

with deep compassion and love

from Thay

By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

June 11th, 2022

Note: Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s nickname was Thay


2 thoughts on “Poem: No coming No going”

  1. correct.

    in 2020 i gave a statehosue speech, balcked out playing death fo the 4 horsemen,exsposing the nuclear buyouts of the speaker fo the hosue in the largest in state corruption known.
    this exsposed a hategorup called WOLF run by redhat society- whose organ ahrvesting and targetting transgender citizens for the past 20 yrs. run by cathy brenen , dr sarah pcikels domme, a fake WPATH hormone provider in cincinnati who helped kill leia alcorn.

    this si the group your a part of.
    this hellfire cult.
    all our fake lgbt advocates for all of our fake non profits orgs are all bought out traitors to trans people everywhere by working with this hategroup to hurt and hunt others.
    |for no fucking reason other than we hold keys to helath and equality, jhust like michelle kosilck did when they targeted her.

    your poem is stoilen from my secound speech with zalenski where i explaiend recycling souls. same as mallory in michchigan did “on repat” is a skinhy puppy song that scared sarahs surgeon, the one who ripped a trans kids chest open for her to litterlaly spit on while open.

    they helped you do X birth certificates because it isnt letting trnas women identify as F.
    you annukah ray are a traitor.

    and im your god,
    Death herself.

    tell your superiors i told you this, and then tell them to fuck off yourself and earn your godamnd angel wings by fighting them. no LGBT org in america is to be trusted from this moment forward we are going to make pride afraid again due to your cults actions. taste your own hellfire.


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