My Intersex Story, Poems

Poem: I am sick, too.

I close my eyes and walk in the past

To your waterfall, I am at peace at last

My body with fever, my throat razor blades

My head is hurting, my mind in a haze

The thick goo in my throat breaking with meds

Hoping it doesn’t travel any lower

please go away

and no lower!

My body hurts.

The virus it somehow came through that damn door

With Lysol, antibacterial soap,


hand sanitizer galore

I even stayed at home!

It did not care.

They can’t even test me because I still can breathe

Not enough tests out there

unless you have to leave

to get help to breathe

To be on death’s doorstep is the only way you are counted

The number out there not even close

it has truly surmounted!

No hoax here

what evil surrounds us

oh it is real

we all just wait for our turn

It feels like eugenics, again

We have two critical workers

They are the heroes to keep this country going

Where is their reward?

The critical workers are our true heroes!

Those blue-collared people that no one cared about until now

A heartfelt Thank you, to all of you

It did not care

I am told by my doctors to assume I have it

I repeat

This means the numbers are

through the roof!

Did you hear me?

If I can not breathe

I get to be counted finally,


The weakest of us are dying by the millions

Survival of the fittest





or man-made,

that is the question 

Does it matter though, it is the same death

On your marks get set go:


of the fittest!

Never forget,

he did not care.

Our friend,

Sadhguru says this virus doesn’t want to kill us

That if its host dies it has lost

this virus has fooled us

far worse than the last

I can only hope and hold his theories and wisdom in my heart

but it feels like eugenics as so many do part

or fight for their life tonight

to see the sunrise

It did not care

Leaving my body to Astro travel

to make it through this dark painful night

Where I go I feel no pain

To come back to my body

to care for,

to drink


nourish well

Yes, when I come back

I am visiting


more have died today

but the sun did rise!

It did not care

I come back to teach you

The six times I have almost died

If this is the last time

I don’t want it to be,

I will not lie

I promise to fight like hell

this is hell

but I was told:

“don’t worry hun,

good always wins and evil always loses”

I hope this body will win!

It doesn’t care

If I am to go home, remember

the virus didn’t win

Evil always loses!

What matters,

is no matter when I will die

I will Shout Shamelessly

like the Peacock!

My message to this world will live on forever

because you promised to carry on my

promise to this world

if I can’t.


By Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez 


Thank you for loving me, for I have loved you.  

Even when this world was not mine, yet.


April 15th, 2020


Note: The night of April 15th my symptoms became bad enough and with a fever that I will be tested tomorrow for COVID-19.   I now qualified for testing. 

Poem: I Promise to Be Your Voice: My New Year Resolution

My Accomplishments

This is a gynandromorph peacock.

Love and Blessings By Sadhguru Live April 14, 2020


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