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Mama Dragons is Intersex Inclusive



Mama Dragons have been amazing to educate about intersex!   I am honored, and proud, to have been working with a mother and President of Moma Dragons, in educating them about intersex and how to guide parents to the proper avenues.

Their President Julie Packer has been eager to learn about the atrocities intersex children and people face and has spent time with me in learning all about us intersex people, our organizations and advocates.  I look forward to a continued friendship with her and being a bridge maker to the proper “safe” people she can now refer parents to.

Julie has promised to make sure that Mama Dragons guides the parents of intersex children to the proper and safe avenues that will teach them the common language the intersex community uses, as well as the moral imperative of giving a child their genital integrity and their self-determination of gender.

Among many things, this is what we have talked about:  How to Add the “I” Responsibly to LGBT+  Below I share a message from her:


Julie Packer and her son.

I’ve been an ally for the LGBT+ community for years. I have a gay older brother and was blessed with a gay son who died by suicide in 2015. Because of my son, my ally-ship has morphed into activism. The mission of the Mama Dragons, a support group for moms of LGBTQIA children, is one of support. Through this support, we learn from one another. I’ve learned much, I continue to learn and am always eager and willing to learn more. As the current President of the Mama Dragons, I want to share the best resources available.

I’ve been learning about the Intersex Community and want to share everything I learn. I recently connected with Anunnaki Ray and am so grateful for the resources they have shared with me. I am excited to move forward in learning and educating with this support from the Intersex Community so that we can make Mama Dragons an even more supportive space for moms with an Intersex child.

When moms are educated and supported, this enables them to be a better support for their child. Ultimately, that is our goal – to save the lives and promote healthy life experiences for our children.


Here is their Website:  

Mama Dragons – Fierce Support for Mothers of LGBTQIA Children 

Please “Like” their Facebook Page:  Mama Dragons



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