VII. Labels Considered Offensive

Butt Pirate:  Gay man.

Breeder:  A term sometimes used by gay or lesbian people to describe a straight person who conceive biological children through the act of sexual intercourse.

Dyke or Bull Dyke:  Can be a a derogratory word for lesbian.  However, if used by a person who is a lesbian, it can be appropriate.  It matters on the context and who says it.

Faggot or Fag: A derogatory word for a gay man.

Fairy: An offensive name for a gay man.

Hermaphrodite: A word used in the past to describe an intersex person. It is up to the intersex person if this term is still to be used or not. It is mostly outdated and considered stigmatizing by some, but used by some intersex people, particularly the shortened version, “herm”. So it is always best to ask the person if it is ok to use. Here is an example of it being used, by Hida Viloria, in a positive way: We’re Here, We’re Herms, Get Used to It!. In 2020, Pidgeon Pagonis is also embracing the word hermaphrodite for themselves.  In private I even use the word and often use it to describe my body to anyone who needs to know.  However, it is best to say “intersex person” until you know for sure if this term is welcomed or not.


The Hermaphrodite Flag

Homosexual is no longer preferred by the younger generation.  Ask first to see if it is ok to say, or say”gay” or “lesbian” instead.  To call someone a “Homo” is a nock down.

Lesbo:  An offensive word for a lesbian.

Nancy:  An offensive word for a gay man who behaves like a woman (from Britain).

Queer:  Although not always considered offensive, this label can be taken wrong.  So please make sure that it is ok with the person to be called this.  Being queer means ceasing to think in binaries like “male” or “female,” “gay” or “straight,” “monogamous” or “non-monogamous,” because there are more than just two ways to describe someone’s sexuality.

Transvestite, Tranny, Lady Boy, or She Male: Words used in the past, and sometimes in the present,  to describe a Transgender or Transexual Person. These labels are typically considered offensive by most sexual minorities.

Slut: Someone who is sexually promiscuous.

Whore:  A sexually promiscuous women.  It can also refer to a lady sex worker or prostitute.

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