Hope, Poems, Prejudice

Poem: It’s 2021, will love prevail?

So many dead now

and more are dying

Very few did anything to stop it

Greed and people in power and control

Consuming our country with hate and greed

Not caring that the poor, the old,

and those marginalized would be hit worse

As if they wanted us to die

How can we deny that any further?

It simply being new year is not going to fix this form of


A new people and government is coming

Democracy, countless times, almost thrown to the way side by pure greed

Democracy is fragile

The constant threat of inserection by domestic terrorists

Most of us awake to who the enemy is

The country divided

Families divided too

and yet

We the people have Hope

Is it okay to have hope?

Will love prevail?

By Anunnaki Ray Marquez

Jan. 8th, 2021


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